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Admission Overview

Admission Criteria:

Currently, school have classes from I to class XII.

Age Criterion:

Admission from class I onwards will be based on the students Transfer Certificate and Result in the previous school.

Academic Criterion:

The prospective students will be given an aptitude / entrance test. Based on the performance of which the child will be admitted to the school.
The assessment tests for pre-nursery and the elementary school tests the child reasoning, cognitive, language and numerical skills.

Credential Required:

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission:-

  • Admission Form
  • Medical Form
  • Copy of Immunization card
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Transfer Certificate From the previous school (From class I onwards)
  • Copies of previous academic records.
  • Two Photographs of the child
  • One Photograph each of the Parent/Guardian.

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